Rosa & Justin’s Wedding- Part I-Getting Ready

Rosa & Justin are the sweetest people and such a cute couple! We were excited to be capturing their 4th of July weekend wedding, on Friday July 3rd! Our morning started out with meeting Rosa at her childhood home where she would be getting ready. We started out photographing the dress and some of the details available to us while the Bride and her family started getting ready for the ceremony. Many of you know, one of my favorite things is shoes- and these were stinking cute and looked so comfortable! They were soft, peep toe, classy with such a cute sparkle! Rosa- you have a great eye!
I always love personalized Wedding Dress hangers! They are such a sweet touch! I always bring along my own white satin hanger just in case- the only hanger available is the white or wire plastic body form that the dress comes in. Take note fellow wedding photographers- it makes a difference- I just have it in a little prop bag in my trunk just in case! However, the bride had this made and loved the flower accent that matched her wedding colors and flowers.

The bride’s dress itself was gorgeous. A mermaid, strapless style wedding dress. With beautiful details and accents.

Number 1 Reason I love off camera flash is the amazing light in the dark room in the photo above of the bride’s two garters. Of course one to keep and one to throw. Hopefully, the groom’s Father who caught the garter is also a clipper’s fan! Haha! I personally love how the colors pop on these garters!

The groom was in possession of the wedding bands (so I took those photos later at the reception). We got some pictures of the Engagement ring above.

Rosa is getting the finishing touches on her beautiful make up! I love the classic and natural look! It makes wedding photos timeless 10-20 years from now.


Beautiful netted vintage looking veil. Accents match the details of the dress. So classy!




 After Rosa’s Mother, God-Mother and Sister helped tie up her dress, we took a couple quick shots before she got into the limo. Doesn’t she look AMAZING?!!!


Here is a beautiful moment that I adore of the Bride’s Mother seeing her daughter in her dress, all ready to go!

Two beautiful sisters! Rosa’s sister was the maid of honor and such a huge help during the wedding! I loved her can do attitude and sense of humor!


One of my total favorite shots of the morning, so I’ll end with this one for this post. All the ladies in the immediate family together. I can’t wait to post part two of this blog and post their ceremony. I got to putt around near where I grew up in Pomona, CA doing wedding photography- my favorite thing! What could make for a better day!!



Vendor Credits for Wedding Photos:

Dress: Bellasposa, Ontario CA
Bridesmaid Dresses: Davids bridal and downtown LA
Shoes: DSW
Jewelry: Claires

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How To Download Pictures and Files From Google Drive

Google Drive is an online drive you can use on your computer or as an app on your phone. You may have been sent files using Google Drive and need to know how to get copies onto your computer to save them other than just viewing them.  I’ve included some screen shots to help walk you through the process of saving pictures or files on google drive.

Above I’ve shown what a google drive first looks like and the files inside of it. First step, RIGHT CLICK on the file or folder you want to download.

A box will appear, in the box, click on where it says “DOWNLOAD”




If you have winzip, it should automatically open the file when you double click the file. If you do not have a zipping program you can download the program for free on WWW.WINZIP.COM .

STEP FOUR: You Will Click the folder or select all the files and click the EXTRACT button on top center of winzip.

Choose where you want to save your files, you may want to save them to your desktop, My Documents folder or a hard drive. Select the icon/name on the left (I’ve selected Desktop above), make sure it is somewhere that you will remember where you put it. Then click EXTRACT on bottom right, and winzip will work it’s magic.


Now you can go to where you saved the file and open it from there! Easy Cheesy!

Also, if you use windows, a copy of the zip file will be saved into you MY DOWNLOADS folder.



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Shauna & Travis Splendid Wedding Celebration Part One! Indian Hills Country Club Palm Springs, CA :: Wedding Photographer

Shauna and Travis exchanged vows under the warm sun, clear blue sky and beautiful palm trees. Their wedding and reception were held at Indian Hills Country Club in Palm Springs, CA. Shauna incorporated shades of Lavendar & Plum as well as Roses and lilies to accent the reception tables and bouquets.

Shauna was welcomed at the altar by a very big hug from her son. This got a giggle and smile out of all the family and friends in attendance.

Reverend is cracking up the bride :D

Just about to seal it with a kiss!

After the vows and kiss, the bride and groom did a ceremonial “jumping the broom” just before walk back down the isle as a now married couple.

Stay tuned for part two!

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On a warm sunny Saturday in Southern California Antonio and Annalisa were married at Orange Grove Chapel at Edwards Mansion. I first spoke with Annalisa while she was over seas teaching and her warm friendly voice & tone told me of how she met Antonio at a Dance Studio where she was to learn Salsa dancing. Annalisa asked us to be their wedding photographers and capture their special day.

We first met up with Annalisa at the hotel where she was getting ready. For some prep shots, to talk with the girls a bit, and detail shots of items important to the wedding day. There are obviously way too many to post here so just going to share a couple.

Loved the sparkle accents on the shoes as well as the open toe to show off a super pretty pedicure she got matching with one of her Bridesmaids, Heather.

Arras Wedding Coins:

The groom gives the bride thirteen gold coins as a symbol of his unquestionable trust and confidence. The symbolism, is that the Groom recognizes his responsibility as a provider, and pledges his ability to support and care for her. Acceptance by the bride means taking that trust and confidence unconditionally with total dedication and prudence. The number 13 represents Christ and his 12 apostles.

Antonio and Annalisa exchanged these very coins during the ceremony.

Superman Ring bearer presents the rings. He was great.

Antonio and Annalisa exchange rings during the ceremony.

After the ceremony we were able to gather all of the wedding guests in front of Edwards Mansion for some fun pictures all-together as the bride and groom will both be moving to another state.

Spring was just hanging out with the guys.

That’s okay the ladies are having fun of their own!

but the guys just had to compete…. ;)

The bride and her super adorable flower girl, her Niece.

Antonio was pretty happy to have the bride all to himself.

They are totally awesome dancers!

Antonio did a fun outfit change, so don’t worry that’s the Groom with the Bride, he’s just in uniform!

Beautiful first dance! Very romantic!

Congratulations Antonio & Annalisa!!!




I have no idea why I love this photo so much, sometimes I can’t wait to get home throw in the memory card and transfer some RAWs. This was one of those photos. Whether it be luck, light, inspiration, all of the above? It can never be truly explained. I guess I love any photo expressing a real emotion. I feel it tells so much more of a story, so much more about the subject and the viewer. What is your favorite photo? If you could only take one photo with you, which would it be? (I don’t know why you’d have to choose one but in this scenario you’ll have to humor me.) When I saw this shot right in front of me and what it could be, it just made me feel like there is a moment where you have to just stop and enjoy life, get away from all the screens and see the beauty that is out there in this world. Even if it’s just 5 minutes a day, that 5 minutes away from texting, email, candy crush  (*cough HUSBAND *cough) tv, video games- it can be freeing and a great stress reducer. Then you can get back to Orange is The New Black on Netflix.  I like to show you beautiful sunsets then recommend a show about prison, I’m wonderful (/.sarcasm).


Check out this super cute couple! Congratulations on you Engagement! I have a lot of fun shooting Engagement photos, We get to hang out a little and get to know each other better. I hung out at the Palm Springs Air Museum for an Engagement shoot for a wedding that is actually only one month away from today. Matt arrived in full uniform looking really sharp and Allison had the cutest white dress with ribbon details. Matt, Allison and I were petty much literally drenched in sweat from the heat outside and in the planes even hotter. Once Matt did a clothing change, he felt so much better.  Matt really enjoyed the planes and seemed to suit him perfectly. The site was a great choice as Allison told me Matt asked her to marry him in a plane. They are also moving out of the country after the wedding.  So here’s some little sneak peaks at the photos. I know some are small-But you would not want to be loading them in full size, that’s way too many pictures and I’d crash your computers haha! Alright, On with it:





Thank you so much Allison and Matt for a wonderful shoot. I had fun, hope you did too! Looking forward to the wedding!





Romantic Wedding On The Beach:: Maddie & Michael :: San Diego Wedding Photographer

I met Maddie on the day of her wedding, living out of state made it impossible for us to meet- but because of a series of phone calls and hearing her and Michael’s love story, when we showed up cameras and gear in hand, her in a chair getting her make up done- it felt as though we had already met before.

Maddie and Michael met singing in a country music band together. Their wedding had a lot of sweet country touches: The Bride and Maid of Honor wore cowboy boots & The groom wore his cowboy hat. Of course, they tied in a coastal theme as well with sandals, flip flop bottle opener favors, & seashell adorned candles center pieces.


Some of you may remember these from my facebook page, but for those of you who didn’t see them:
Thank you Maddie and Michael, Spring and I really enjoyed being your wedding photographers on your special day on the beach in San Diego,CA! So beautiful! Congratulations you two!

Juan & Jennifer’s AWESOME WEDDING! Eagle Glen Country Club Wedding Photographer

Juan and Jennifer are such a giving and wonderful couple. Their ceremony and reception was held at Eagle Glen Country Club in Corona, CA. I was honored to be their wedding photographer. They did something that Spring and I thought was wonderful, they had many special touches and created a way for the guests to be the focus. Friends and Family enjoyed the photo booth (Which Spring and I got a chance to hop into towards the end). Flip flops were available to the guests at the reception as well as a custom made CD, beautiful custom glass, and personalized wine bottles. Children were even provided with crayons and a wedding coloring book wrapped in a simple elegant yellow ribbon. I wish I had all the room to share all the pictures but this page would take even longer to load!

They had spiral seating so that all guests got a great view and seat. Each seat had a fan with a beautiful letter to all the guests thanking them for their impact on their lives.

I can’t forget to mention the beautiful wedding rings!

And those of you who follow me know that I love shoes….

I’ll let the rest speak for itself…

Thank you Juan and Jennifer for letting us capture and be a part of your special day. You two were fun to spend time with! -Heather & Spring

Chris and Maggie’s Wedding Canyon Crest Country Club Riverside CA Wedding Photographer

Just wanted to share some photos from a recent wedding shoot at Canyon Crest Country Club in Riverside, CA. Maggie and Chris’s wedding rocked black and white with a vintage flair and some super cute personal touches. Maggie and Chris had gorgeous rays of sunshine overhead and clear blue skies on their wedding day. It was great to see Chris really let loose and rock out to the Ska band that got all the guests to the dance floor during the reception.